Friday, June 15, 2007

TAG! You're it!!

I feel so special. I finally got tagged! I can now say that I have officially made it! Yay for me!

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so.
1) What Greg Likes
2) A Blog of a Good Time
3) Classy
5 of 9er/Meaning of Loaf (That right – I got DOUBLE TAGGED!!)
5) Capital Cities Whinemonger

Select five people to tag:
Chuck Daddy
Jesse (Who is the most likely to not do this? This guy!)

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I had just graduated from high school and was getting ready to head off to Chicago for college. So, basically I was drinking a lot and hanging out with my best friend, Angie, pretty much every day.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
I had just moved to the DC area and was starting my super awesome job. Holy shit, what a difference a year makes.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1) Smartfood Popcorn
2) Ice Cream
Cow Tales
Pixy Stix
5) Cheese

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:
1) "Gimmie that Nut” by Eazy E
2) "My Name is Jonas” by Weezer
3) "
November Rain” by Guns N’Roses
4) “
We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel
5) “Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1) Quit my job!!!
2) Pay off debt
3) Buy a house
4) Go back to school for photography
5) Go on a
LOTR’s tour

Five bad habits:
1) Eating even after I am full (Hence the chubby)
2) Smoking after even one beer
3) Driving just to drive
4) Gossiping
5) Lying

Five things you like doing:
1) Watching trashy tv
2) Having sex (yes, it comes in second)
3) Eating ice cream
4) Riding a bike
5) Reading

Five things you would never wear again:
1) Jeans tucked and rolled at the bottom
2) Jelly shoes
3) Electic blue eyeshadow (unless it’s for a costume party)
4) Blue hair
5) Frosted denim

Five favorite toys:
1) Mario Kart
2) Legos
3) The game of Life
4) Oregon Trail
5) Pogo Ball


Julie_Gong said...

I peg my jeans on a regular basis.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I'm looking forward to the return of pegged jeans myself.

What are cow tales?

5 of 9er said...

The pegged pants... classic indeed!!!