Sunday, June 24, 2007

Live From New York!

I know that I complain about my job quite often, but sometimes the stars align and I get an amazing opportunity that almost makes up for living only marginally above the poverty line.

For example, I just found out that I am going to the Live Earth concert in New York in two weeks. THAT’S RIGHT, FOLKS! I am going to Live Earth. If you don’t know what Live Earth is, boy, are you dumb. Turn on a tv or open a paper and get with it! Live Earth is Al Gore’s concert series. Shows are simultaneously going on in New York, England, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, Germany, Turkey, and South Africa.
The New York lineup includes:
Bon Jovi
Kanye West
Fall Out Boy
The Police
Dave Matthews
Alicia Keys and some other artists I don’t really care about.

And not only am I going to Live Earth, my job while I am there is to blog about it! That’s right, I said it. I am getting paid to go drink and blog at one of the most awesomest concerts ever. Don’t hate, bitches!

And news of this assignment came right on the heels of a presentation I had to give the VP of my department and when I was done he said I was ‘facile’, that I had ‘a great affect’, and that I should ‘be giving all our departments presentations’. Call me crazy, but that sounds like pretty good feedback to me! I’m hoping that perhaps the trickle down effect will be that I actually get a little more responsibility now. ‘Cause that might actually be enough to get me to stick around for a few more months…


Scary Monster said...

You be one lucky dawg, literally!

chuckdaddy2000 said...

What does facile mean?

Julie_Gong said...


Mighty Dyckerson said...

Any guy who uses the word "facile" is seriously gay.

tfg said...

Once I tried to give an ex-gf a facile and she slapped me.

The [Cherry] Ride said...


I hate you.

classyandfancy said...

I hate and hate all day I am adding you to my list o' hatred. Can we say jealous?

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

That line-up BLOWS!! I spray my aerosol hair spray into the sky to that line-up.

Kadonkadonk said...

Know what else blows? Your mom. Last night. And she's not even that good at it!

ReckenRoll said...

Kadonkadonk, apparently we have the green green eyes of Cherryride in common...Spare him a thought on Saturday. I will!