Monday, August 10, 2009

I am not funny.

In the last week, it has been brought to my attention not once, but twice that my blog no longer has the shits and giggles tone it once did. Well, to all you haters out there, I've got three words for you:

You. Are. Right.

It is not easy being witty all the time. Apparently, I have been placating my blogging urge with posts about Twilight and knitting. I know, I know. I am sorry. I understand I am not 12-years old (ie - enough with the Twi-shit) and I am not 80 either, so I will try to keep the knitting blah, blah, blah on Ravelry...

However, I have also accepted the fact that I am *gasp* not that funny. So if you are looking for funny, visit The Onion. I don't think I ever claimed to be funny. This blog is clearly meant to be about whining and bitching, things I know I am good at.

Obama Axes Pentagon Plan To Build Billion Dollar Tank In Shape Of Dragon


Michael5000 said...

Hear hear! It's not like it's Capital Cities Gigglemonger!!

...oh hey, you changed the title. When did that happen?

Anonymous said...

I could have told you that you were not funny eons ago. Your wit and humor is obviously contingent upon interacting with me, and with my not being present with you all the time, it has seriously gone down hill. I predict a 70% increase in wit included in your blog, decreasing in intervals of 10% each month, after your visit here in Oct.