Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gmail chat with Becca this morning:

becca: so get this
jordan's ex girlfriend moved to colorado when she and jordan broke up
and then she was engaged to a guy there and they just broke up
and now she is moving to texas
girl cant settle down

me: i wonder what texas is like
i would only move to austin

becca: that is where she is moving!
san antonio kinda rocks
that is the only place I have been

me: yea, i could do san antonio the way debbie did dallas


becca said...

good call. Less republicans in san antonio than dallas.

DwizzyRizzy said...

I'm in Fort Worth.

Its so Republican it makes me want to vomit sometimes, and to think I use to call myself a republican.

Please dont hate me for my past mistakes.

by the way dude, id like to link you on my blog, but i dont know your first name and without that no link.

Em Cee McG said...

don't go there, it sucks. maybe austin is ok, but other than that it doesn't rock. I got yelled at in san antonio for walking on the grass at the alamo.

becca said...

oh my god, you walked on the grass at the alamo. you NEVER walk on the grass at the alamo....tsk tsk.

moondog said...

having grown up in and around austin, i much prefer san antonio. austin is a town searching for an identity. if it weren't for sxsw every year, i don't think they would know what to do with themselves for the rest of the time.