Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars - 2009

Like most award shows, after the first few minutes the Oscars start to drag and I get impatient. I always look forward to the Oscars but it seems like every year I forget about how boring the acceptance speeches are. I watch because I love the red carpet crap before hand and the Barbara Walter’s special. She always manages to ask completely irrelevant questions and tries to make them sound hard-hitting and thought provoking. I love it!

I usually see one or two of the nominated films and just root for those. I saw Milk and Slumdog and they were both fantastic. The cinematography in Slumdog was really just spectacular. I haven’t seen The Wrestler, but if Rourke did a better job than Sean Penn I definitely have to see it because Penn was awesome in Milk.

Actually, as I start learning about the production end of things at work, it makes me even more aware of how much must go into making a movie. I am beyond impressed with the attention to detail directors have. I watched The Fellowship of the Ring this weekend and Peter Jackson is amazing. Every angle, every shot – it’s just so well thought out. The technical aspects of movie making are fascinating to me. Public television isn’t doing so great right now, so when I get laid off later this year, I am more and more convinced that I really am going to move down to LA and try to break into ‘the biz’.
Oh yeah, and my vampire hottie was there looking great, and that alone made it worth sitting through the first hour of the show. And of course Huge Jackman is always gorgeous, so that didn’t hurt either.


radioactive girl said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, I wanted to read all the books first (because I am a dork). And I missed The Oscars too. I am very lame now apparently.

Hey...I friended you on ravelry. My daughter is on there too...if you flip through my friends, you will probably be able to guess which one is her.

kdgrimmer said...

i saw Rob on the red carpet with ryan seacrest, but then I just waited for people to put his other appearances on youtube! hehe love him in a tux! how is it that he is the same age as me and all my guy friends (excluding my hubby) and none of my guy friends look like that! He looks like a MAN! I wish I could have taken him to prom with me...instead of the kid I went with! haha