Thursday, October 11, 2007

I SO Rock!

Fourteen years of violin lessons have finally paid off! Who knew that the Suzuki method would also come in handy ten years later for kicking some major ass at Guitar Hero? That’s right, I finally had a chance to play Guitar Hero for the first time and I am totally ready to buy an Xbox now. I started out on the beginner level and within ten minutes I’d moved up to the hard level. I even managed to (barely) get through one song on the expert level! But for my first time, I’d say that’s pretty damn good!

Sadly, other than Guitar Hero, there is nothing new going on in my life. No one wants to give me a new job and I am sick of bitching about my current one. I am trying to figure out how to break up with someone, a story I am sure will make a great blog entry eventually, but so far I keep chickening out. I mean, seriously, how do you tell an incredibly nice, asthmatic, epileptic that you never, ever ever want to see him again? Do I have to worry about that killing him? And why do I keep ending up with stories like that?

I didn’t want to turn into that blogger that only posts once a month (Dwight) but until I get hit with some motivation or have a sudden burst of creativity, I think I might be taking a break.


Julie_Gong said...

how sweet is guitar hero?

hell yes!

DwizzyRizzy said...

Did i just get burned on your blog?

So wrong on so many levels.

Some friendly advice on breaking up with somebody...get really drunk and pee on their every time o

and FYI...i have 4 different posts drafted...i just hate them all

5 of 9er said...

I suck at Guitar Hero... you are much more cooler than me. It's because I'm left handed. Or I just suck at video games. But yes, we should both go buy XBoxes! :)

Em Cee McG said...

Don't ever stop. You're the only thing that keeps me going!!!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

sometimes nick p. and I run into each other and still say, "I can't believe Kristin didn't call us when she was in Juneau."

Anonymous said...

tracy's comment makes no sense in relation to your blog. hey tracy. POST A RELEVENT COMMENT OR LAY OFF!