Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Am I A Hater?

I am worried I might be a prejudice homophobe that hates people with cancer. I don’t know if any of my four readers have facebook, but I do because I post job openings and stuff on there for work. Ok, so that is why I first got a page. I maintain it because it kills time at work. A lot of time. And a lot of my friends have facebook too and they always send me requests to join groups to fight against homophobia, racial segregation, breast cancer, global warming, etc.

You get my point.

And I never accept those causes. Facebook is basically like MySpace, but if you accept too may of those requests, your page gets all cluttered and I have more important things to put on my page. Like ‘How hot are my friends?’ and the page I created for my dog. Oh! And the happy hour application you can add so you can send and receive drinks from your friends. Those all totally deserve more space on my page.

Screw the Jena 6.


The [Cherry] Ride said...

I rue the day I signed up for Facebook.

Anonymous said...

this might lead to some problems seeing as I am a black lesbian with cancer, and your BFF. You cant tell me you hadnt noticed. I DO constantly hit on you.

(knock on wood, pull your ear, spit in your hand about the cancer part. SO not funny)

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I have never even seen facebook. I'm kind of proud of that fact. Us bloggers are a smarter lot, don't you think?

Em Cee McG said...

I started a blog. You are linked to it so I expect some reciprocation please...
as always, you rock.