Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rambling Jumbled Thoughts

I never really thought about it, but Hollywood doesn’t exaggerate when it comes to commercial airline pilots. I don’t know if it’s the uniform or the fact that you know and they know they are leaving so there is no accountability. But they definitely live up to their reputation. And no matter how much a pilot may look like Anderson Cooper, he’s not going to take your mind off the boy you are really thinking about. Lesson learned.

My summer job is a joke. I give tours of the capitol building. Nobody comes up to Alaska to tour the capitol. They come up for whale watching cruises or dog mushing rides. But my job pays way better than those other touristy jobs and I know I won’t have to work much. I don’t feel like busting my ass since it could be my last summer in Juneau.

And, God do I hope it’s my last summer doing this shit. Meaning, I really, really want a job that requires at least one ounce of actual thinking each day. What do I have to do to get a real job?! I got another 2 rejection letters today. One actually said, “Priority was given to a person who was born and raised” in Alaska. At least they were honest about it for once. I am so sick of trying to break into this stupid ‘Alaska Club’. Excuse me for not being born here but I can’t believe you are hiring a 23-year old with no experience over me just because I wasn’t born in Fairbanks.

Part of my problem is I have started being picky. I have turned down three jobs so far this year. I just want to like my next ‘real’ job. Is that really such an unrealistic goal? All of the jobs I turned down would have been cubicle hell and I would have been looking for something else within a year. I thought the economy was supposed to be improving. It sucks being so close over and over again.

And finally, WebMD is not a good website to go to when you can’t sleep. In fact, I think there should be a way to ban it from my computer. I am going to die from about 27 different obscure and awful diseases within the next year. Fuck.


a quiet citizen said...

It's a good year to be employed has been my motto. I think you already know that many "real" jobs would just be another way of slowly dying, cubicle hell :) Hold on, hold out K... those motherfuckers are gonna let you in the old boy network soon!

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper is very hot. Too bad.