Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why are there so many Josh Groban wannabes on American Idol?

I am not ashamed to admit that I've had a huge crush on Josh Groban ever since I saw him on Ally McBeal. Actually, I am much more ashamed to admit that I might have seen a few episodes of Ally McBeal. Now, I could swear up and down that I have watched a grand total of 6 episodes in my entire life, but I doubt anyone will believe me so let’s just keep moving right along.

I used to daydream about Josh. Yep, I’m admitting that. We’re pretty close in age and for a long time, none of my friends or family knew who he was. So I’d fantasize about us going to some random, crappy karaoke bar where I’d convince him to sing, and then I would act all smug and bitchy towards everyone when he was totally amazing as only Josh Groban can be and I got to be the one to leave with him. That was pretty much it. I guess I wasn’t very creative back then. And kind of a bitch. But again, I digress.

The other day, someone at work said something about Josh Groban and I realized that I haven’t listened to him in a really long time. And his voice gives me chills every.single.time. So I went online to find out if he’d recorded anything lately. Holy hell, did I have good taste! Josh has grown up and not only is he hot as hell now, he’s also funny! I remember seeing him in the ‘I’m F**$ing Ben Affleck’ video, but I guess it didn’t really register or something. But he’s all over YouTube being cute and funny. What the hell else have I been missing out on?!


kdgrimmer said...

i have been in love with Josh Groban for, well forever! i recently discovered he has a blog, that he writes himself, and he just got on twitter.

ps...thats is a great fantasy! who wouldnt want to flaunt him!!

becca said...

you're right. He s totally hot in a not very good looking or attractive way. Right on!