Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pelican in a nutshell

Called in sick and took the ferry to Pelican. After they confiscated our liquor on the ferry, we had to visit the World Famous bar in Pelican. Apparently, if you get on the bar you have to take off your pants...
Got to see my old roomie, which was awesome. Even if it was only for one hour.
Geez. Tell us how you really feel!! And why can't it be 'I'd rather have a daughter in a whore house than on a charter boat'? Why's it gotta be the son on the boat? Lame.


radioactive girl said...

I am laughing that you pointed out the son/daughter thing because that is what I thought of when I read it too!

I'm Miz Bitch said...

Nice. The last time I was at Rose's there was a guy that rang the bell several time...with his head. Brain damage and free beer! You never know what you're gonna get in Pelican!