Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Marriage and babies and houses, oh my!

Two of my gentlemen friends have confided that they are going to be proposing in the near future. And five – that’s right – FIVE of my girlfriends have had babies within the last six months. (Welcome to the world Abe, Garrett, Ingrid, Ayla, and Saoirse!) I’m flying home in October for a wedding and missing another one in January because flights are so gosh darn expensive.
The world is exploding with weddings and babies and first homes and the closest thing I’ve got going on is my recent and very unfortunate walk of shame. I don’t understand why I’m still more likely to be stumbling home in ripped pants and a broken shoe than getting serious and finding more than some random dude in a bar.* But the thing is, I don’t really know if I want anything more than that. I mean, it would be great to meet an awesome guy, but marriage and kids and all of that… I’m just not sure I’m ready for that.

* Um, this makes me sound super slutty, but in actuality, I am not even close. That’s more my Jewish BFF’s area of expertise. (BURN!) I haven’t had a walk of shame since 2001 and it is most definitely not something I’m at all proud of. Seriously.


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But seriously, no one does slutty like us Jews. Why do you think Moses spent 40 years wandering the desert when he could have sped up the journey? Not because someone dropped a quarter, but because he wanted those Jewish girls to continue seeing him as an infallible leader. You know how we Jewish girls like men with power.