Thursday, April 02, 2009


This was the ad I had to deal with when I went to read the paper online this morning:

Sorry, but if you're a Jew, you're not really 'for' Jesus. The entire concept of Jews for Jesus really irks me. For example, take this little ditty directly off their website:

"Jewish people around the world have celebrated Passover for thousands of years; however, most do not understand the ultimate significance of the festival."

Oh really, J4J? I'm sure that an evangelical organization really grasps the significance of Passover much more complexly than most Jews. I mean, Jews are just so relieved that they don't have to be slaves anymore that it's too hard to think about anything else.

I bet Jesus just about pukes when he sees all the blatant bullshit associated with him name. He's too holy to actually smite these sanctimonious antisemites down, but I bet he's sure thinking about it. Way to give all Christians a bad name, assholes!


Anonymous said...

Christ is welcome to come to my Passover Seder if he wants to; my mother and I are truly wonderful cooks. And you know what, if he comes, I promise to become a Jew for Jesus.

Michael5000 said...

@Anon: After all that fuss about that other Seder being the last supper, he'd probably feel totally embarassed about showing up at another one.