Monday, April 27, 2009

Get That Pink Ribbon Out of My Face

Yesterday I got this update from my mentor about his cancer:

"I had a drastic turn about in how I was feeling and ended up going into the emergency room. They kept me there for two days and stabilized my "stats" so that I could fly home on Tuesday. What I experienced on Sunday was a severe case of expressive aphasia, due to a combination of complications caused by the chemo drugs I was taking. I am still experiencing some of the aphasia but am working through that.

The cancer is progressing- however slowly- into new territory and is effecting my ability to hold onto the words I need to describe my thoughts and pass them on to others."

I joined Ravelry, a knitting website, a few months ago because of my new obsession and I thought I would see if there are any brain cancer groups I could join. There are a lot of 'charity' groups you can join where you knit things for a cause - everything from hats for troops to dolls for kids in Africa. Anyway, once again, there are about 200 groups dedicated to breast cancer and there was ONE about brain cancer, and it's not even a general group - it's dedicated to one particular boy with brain cancer.

I did a little research awhile ago to see if brain cancer had a certain colored ribbon. It's gray. Seriously? Did they run out of 'happy' colors? Or any color for that matter?

I know I've already complained about this, but sometimes you just need to vent, you know?


radioactive girl said...

When I was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I was sort of annoyed about all the attention breast cancer gets. What about "my" cancer? My cancer doesn't even have a definite ribbon color. Some people say purple and some say teal. The bracelets are teal but then a lot of stuff is purple...what little info you can find on thyroid cancer anyway.

My friend's dentist had brain cancer and he was pissed about the gray ribbon too.

I am happy breast cancer gets so much attention, but maybe people should focus on all cancers, not just the one in particular. I have not really heard of many charities or ribboned items for other cancers and it would sure be nice to see them.

I will think good thoughts for your mentor!

Em Cee McG said...

I'm sorry. I think the gray is for the brain being gray matter, and maybe that there is nothing happy about about it. Vent away though, I think it's the kind of thing to be upset about.