Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thank God for Spring

The snow is finally turning to rain and the mercury is slowly climbing up the thermometer. This winter was the fourth snowiest on record for Juneau. Actually, we might have moved up to 3rd place, but I am not sure about that so don't quote me. We've definitely had snow this month, so it certainly wouldn't surprise me. We only had a few avalanches though (knock on wood), so that was a good thing.

I love spring time in Alaska. And I'm relieved to have that first winter under my belt again. I think it might have been even harder this time around since I was coming from DC. The first time around I had moved up from Wisconsin so it wasn't as big of an adjustment. But DC winters are mild, so this winter was probably one of the most shocking of my life.

I'm ready for flowers and (hopefully) sunshine and hiking and fishing. The smell of Juneau in the spring and summer is truly amazing. It makes up for the almost 200 inches of snow. Sort of.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I'm ready for Spring, too. F' this weather.

Anonymous said...

It shouldnt have been an adjustment at all. Wisconsin winters are much harsher than Juneau winters. Suckah!