Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Way to go Teddy!

I never, ever, ever thought I'd say it, but I am proud of Senator Ted Stevens. He recently introduced legislation that would require automakers to increase gas mileage over the next decade. And he is doing it to reduce greenhouse gases!! This is the same Senator that has been one of the biggest skeptics on climate change in Congress. I've gotta say, it takes balls to change your mind when you work with the public and have been so outspoken in the past. Hopefully, Bush will also surprise me next week in his State of the Union address. (Tuesday, January 23 at 9pm EST.)

Working in the environmental field, specifically, working on global warming issues every day can get very depressing. I fluctuate between hopeless despair and driven passion daily. How people can ignore scientists and look the other way is beyond me. When I was living in Alaska, global warming was in your face every day. Which is probably why Alaskans are becoming so outspoken about climate change. In a matter of months, high school students in Alaska Youth for Environmental Action were able to visit over 100 Alaskan communities and get the majority of high school students in the entire state to sign a global warming petition last year. Because those kids are seeing unprecedented interior forest fires, melting glaciers, and coastal erosion. Hearing about people like Senator Stevens makes my day and gives me motivation to keep coming in to work. And after my awesome vacation, I really needed to hear something like that, because I sure as hell didn't want to come back to work this week...

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becca said...

who else here thinks that Senator Stevens is a first class HOTTIE!?!?