Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fuckity, fuck, fuck!

My iPod broke over Xmas and my dad, being the super awesome individual that he is, gave me his Mini to use until I could afford to replace mine. I am incapable of going to the gym without an iPod. Running is bad enough, but to do it without the aid of any music is completely intolerable. So, Friday, apparently I felt that my dad's generosity wasn't too important because I left his iPod sitting on the counter in the women's locker room at the gym! I never do anything like that. And - BIG SHOCKER! - no one turned it in to the lost and found. (And really, why would they? Not only did they just score an iPod, but I also have impeccable taste in music, no matter what Dwizzy says about Nirvana.) I can't tell my dad. I cannot do it. And considering I have $19 in my checking account right now, I don't think I can afford to replace it either. I am going to puke. I am not exaggerating. FUCK!


DwizzyRizzy said...

I never said I didn't like Nirvanna, infact I think they are fantastic. I made fun of them out of necessity of a sybling rivalary. I think it's a requirement if you have a sybling a year younger than you to poke fun at everything they like and do.

Em Cee McG said...

Hey, I wrote in my blog again so you can stop complaining. Sorry about your itroubles, that sucks. Maybe you could find a sweet discman with some skip protection to go running to, and while your at it you could borrow Zach Morris's giant cell phone.

becca said...

dude, I totally dont recommend that you eat your discman, sweet or not.