Thursday, December 09, 2010

2010 in Review

Aside from the last month and a half, 2010 has been a pretty damn good year. And even though I have no idea what 2011 is going to bring, I'm kind of excited about it. Hopefully it will be even better.
In March, I went to Maui and by the time I got back to Juneau, I even had a bit of a tan!
This summer I saw a ton of orca. I hate to say that I don't get as excited about humpbacks anymore, but they are just so common around here. It's like getting excited about seeing a deer in Wisconsin. But I still get a rush when I see killer whales. And I saw plenty of them this year. If I end up back in the Midwest in 2011, at least I got to see a lot of whales.
And of course, my sister got married this fall, which was awesome. Best wedding I've been to in a long time. Of course, it helped that I knew pretty much everyone there and got kinda wasted.
Anyway, I've been dwelling on the negative way too much lately and it's time to stop. It is not a resolution because resolutions are stupid, but it's definitely time to move on. I mean, don't get me wrong - I'll still complain about things because that's just the way I roll, but I think there is a difference between wallowing and complaining.

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radioactive girl said...

It is hard to get out of a bad place once you are there. Good for you for at least trying and having a plan to notice the good things.

I am laughing about your comment about living in wisconsin and getting excited about deer because I live very close to wisconsin and have a forest in my backyard. I have lived here for over 7 years and STILL get excited every time I see one. Actually, it got me my last daycare kid because as the dad was here interviewing me and then the kid was playing, I saw a deer so in the middle of my sentence I jumped up, ran to the window and called all the kids over. After I realized what I did, I thought for sure he would never want me to watch his kids. Turns out the reason he wanted me was because I got so excited to show the kids. Awesome.