Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Because I complain. That's what I do.

I am 30-friggin’ years old and I am getting the biggest zit ever. Wasn’t that supposed to stop like, over a decade ago? I hate acne and now I have a planet growing on my chin. And I can’t stop touching it, which I am sure is really helping. It’s gross.

Know what is as bad as adult acne? Office politics. I absolutely loath when a coworker comes into my office and asks me for money for a band fundraiser or baby shower/going away/marriage present for someone in the office. I don’t like everyone in my office. And also, I don’t really have a lot of money. Nine months into living in Juneau and I still haven’t paid off all my moving expenses. I spent over a thousand dollars on gas to get up here. All those stupid gifts start to add up but I don’t want to be the one ornery bitch that refuses to chip in.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Solution: Start a fundraiser of your own around the office and pocket the money.

Anonymous said...

So how can you be a democrat then? I don't want to contribute to deadbeats who got into houses they couldn't afford. I don't want to contibute $50 million to the endowments for the arts. If you want to go see the arts you should pay for it not the government.

radioactive girl said...

I am with you on the zit thing and also on the buying stuff thing.

Our neighborhood is filled with kids who sell things for various school things. Sometimes I don't mind helping them out but sometimes I just don't answer my door because I don't know how to say no. I have 4 of my own kids! I am not made of money!

Anonymous said...

That was an AWESOME transition from zit talk to office talk. you truly have a gift.