Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Working for the man

I’m supposed to be whipping out a grant right now but for whatever reason I have been procrastinating more than usual. I think it’s because once I finish I have to go back to trying to sell a product I don’t fully understand yet. That’s always fun. I hate sales. I am not good at it and with the economy in the shitter; constantly knowing that I am not meeting my goals yet makes me very nervous. Moving ate up all my ‘emergency’ money so that three month cushion I had in DC (which was more like a two month cushion) is not only gone, I have put some things on the dreaded credit card over the past few months. I’m not saying I am going to get fired next week, but it’s definitely a possibility in a year or so if I don’t start making some moolah. Anybody want to invest in Alaska Public Broadcasting?

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