Monday, July 14, 2008


I didn't go sailing once while I was in DC. Which is just wrong. This weekend I got out on the water AND I killed my first salmon. I have caught a few before and had someone else deal with the killing part, but I decided I needed to step up. It was the best dog salmon I've ever eaten. Dog salmon is actually my favorite, and shockingly to most people, king is probably my least favorite. Apparently I just like more oily fish.

Anyway, I cannot describe how utterly wonderful it is to be back near water. And have friends with boats. But the boats aren’t even necessary. Just being near the ocean again is fantastic. I’m taking a fly fishing class in a few weeks, and I found a sweet little fishing hole. Okay, okay, so I technically didn’t find it - someone just told me about it, but whatever. Now I have my very own hole. (Tee hee that was supposed to sound dirty…)

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