Sunday, August 15, 2010

Epic Sun Days!

Juneau is nestled between mountains right along the ocean. I have never lived anywhere more beautiful and when it is sunny out, I think it's almost a sin to stay inside. This weekend was epic. Not a cloud in the sky and temperatures reaching close to 80. While most of the town was out on the water for the Salmon Derby, I decided to fit in a few last hikes of this summer. It's not often we get this much sun this late in the season and I wasn't about to waste it!
Devils Club is a bitch to hike through. It's covered in brittle spines that leave crazy welts if you don't watch where you are going. It makes good syrup though...
Starting up Mt. Juneau, a trail that eventually kicked our ass. I have never been so overwhelmed by bugs in my life...
Looking out at Douglas Island and Spuhn Island from John Muir cabin. I can't believe how lucky I am to live here sometimes.

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