Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vacation Update

Days home: 7

Number of Chipotle visits: 1 - Not acceptable. Will be working on this number.

Trips to Target: 1

Mall expeditions: 1 - More than enough for one vacation...

Tourist-y type stuff: Went to the Harley Museum, big thumbs up. The Warhol exhibit at the art museum, nothing special. Saw Where the Wild Things Are on the IMAX screen - gave me nightmares.

High school friends seen: 6 (plus 3 babies, and 4 children)

Ex-boyfriends run into: 2

Money spent: Surprisingly little considering the Target trip.

Number of times I've been up before 9am: ZERO! 


Anonymous said...

That 9 am is about to change. I predict seven by the time your trip is over. SUCKAH!

Em Cee McG said...

ok, seriously. When are you getting back here? How many Chipoltles now?