Friday, March 21, 2008

I am such a dumbass!

This evenings gmail chat:

KaDonk: i am trying to explain a seder to my roommate and her friend right now
and I am rusty on the details
and they don't get anything I am telling them

Ooh! i made chocolate covered matzo
now i am introducing it to my roommate and her friend
they’ve never had it

tee hee
Roomie just asked me how Jew's celebrate Good Friday
tee hee hee
she fucking works for the CIA

and I said, "are you serious?"
only more like, Are you SERIOUS?!

My Jewish Friend: jesus, people are stupid
next she will ask how we celebrate jewish easter

KaDonk: you know, that wouldn't surprise me

My Jewish Friend: and jewish Christmas
tell them that circumcision used to cut off a full inch of the penis
it is only in the past two decades that it has been lessened

KaDonk: EW
are you serious?!

My Jewish Friend: no

KaDonk: haha

My Jewish Friend: I am just fucking with the goyim

KaDonk: hahaha
oh man, I am totally LOLing at how dumb I am

My Jewish Friend: that is funny

KaDonk: i had to explain to everyone why I am laughing so hard I am crying
RIGHT after I was talking shit about how dumb they are!


Anonymous said...

Your Jewish Friend sounds sophisicated, intelligent, and beautiful. With quite a well developed sense of humor. I assume it is a woman. She must be quite a lady.

Michael5000 said...

Most of us gentile men lop off an inch every Christmas. Did you know about that? It grows back back by March.

Anonymous said...

Has your Jewish friend ever considered going on the stand up circuit with Jewish jokes? There could be a whole part on Jewish jokes aimed at us Gentiles.

Anonymous said...
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minijonb said...

chocolate covered matzo?!? really? i'll have to do that for seder this year.